The Advenutres Of Hawthorne High;; Part 4

October 24, 2008


The bell chimed, as we all rushed over to class. Katrina sat next to me as usual, and I honestly admit that I was pleased when Lauren sat near me. We could be great friends, but nothing more. Lauren was a nice girl, but Katrina was my soul mate… I think. Lauren, after talking to her for about ten minutes, was comediac. I can’t laugh with Katrina. It’s physically impossible. I love her, but she’s too serious. Or I thought I loved her. Lauren and Katrina were staring me, though Kat had a slight glare in her eyes. Katrina usually was more calm then this, though she even had to admit she could be shrill.

What is this teacher talking about? 

Lauren passed me a note. I found those so easy to predict. Whenever mortals like each other, they do this. I just thought it was on TV.

Ha, I don’t know, I’ve been passing notes with Katrina the whole time.

I think Kat saw what I wrote, because she flashed Lauren a prideful smile.

Ha. Why doesn’t she like me? She acts as if I tried to kill her or something.

She must of thought something happened between us.

Well, nothing did that I know of.

I stopped writing then. I just told her that I need to pay attention. She nodded, showing that she understood.

I didn’t want to flirt with her. There was no need to break a girls heart. Though, as I caught casual glances at her, she was really a gorgeous human. Her hair was straight, but seemed to have an undeniable bounce. Her eyes were a chocolate brown. Her skin tone was perfect, unlike mine, which was white. Hers seemed slightly tanned, but not cinnamon brown. Her mouth was a dark red, though she wasn’t wearing lipstick. Blood red. I thought about biting her right then and there, but still, we wouldn’t be human. No one would. We would still have to live this way, eternally. I didn’t want to kiss her though, even if I wish to be human. I can’t kill her with a kiss.

Then it hit me. Could I be falling in love with a mere mortal?


The Adventures Of Hawthorne High;; Part 3

October 24, 2008

I walked in, late as usual. I searched the halls for Adam, hoping his smile would brighten my day, as it usually did. I saw him, obviously worried about something.
“What’s wrong, Adam?” I asked, worried.
“Nothing, hun.” He replied frantically.
“Then why are you acting as if something is bothering you?”
“Adam, I hate it when you hide stuff from me. What?”
“The prophecy came.”
I faked a smile. I knew he wanted to be mortal more then anything, but the thought of him kissing a girl made my skin crawl.
“So, what’s her name?”
“I heard her talking to Nate; it’s Laura or something like that.”
“Ah. Well, just so you know, if you kiss her–”
“Anna, please don’t do this.”
“Seriously, I don’t want sparks flying between you and some other girl.”
“She’s too young for me.”
“I’m too young for you too. Your 189, and I’m 78.”
“Haha, very funny.”
He seemed to be calm at my very well-thought joke. I beamed, as he leaned towards me casually.
Sorry it’s short–I got to go soon. More Anna/Adam moments later, along with Nate/Lauren, and maybe some Nate/Kat! I just wanted you to know the mains before I went to bed.


The Adventures Of Hawthorne High;; Part 2.

October 24, 2008

I pulled Nate away from the still breathing-corpse. She didn’t seem to notice. Poor guy. He was being tortured by the easiest part of witchery; getting their hearts.
“Nate!” I hissed, glaring, “What are you doing?”
“Kat, calm–” Nate attempted to comfort me.
“Don’t call me Kat.”
“Katrina, calm down. Breathe.”
“But I don’t have–”
“Do it, trust me.” He cooed, calmingly.
I gave in, as I breathed in a floral scent, with a hint of vanilla. It was… it couldn’t be. It was a human. But the prophecy wasn’t real. Was it?
“It’s… it’s…”
“Wake up and smell the roses, hun.” He beamed.
I could tell everything was going to be ok.
“But, it can’t be. It isn’t real.”
“Look, even if it isn’t, I need to do this for you. For us.”
I looked straight in his eyes. Why was he so good at getting people to do what he wants?
“Fine, but don’t grow attached.”
He chuckled. “The only one I need is you.” Nate leaned into my face, as his lips touched mine. It felt like a rose softly being put on my mouth. I secretly looked at the girl. Her mouth was wide open.


The Adventures Of Hawthorne High;; Part 1

October 24, 2008

I walked into the halls. I was slightly excited, slightly nervous. I knew what it was like being the new girl. In fact, I was the new girl almost all the time. My parents moved a lot. I knew these people would totally hate me and do their best to ruin the rest of my high school years. Which, luckily, would end in exactly 3 more. Freshman’s were the only ones who were as oblivious as I am, but they all know each other. Seeing how small of a town this was, everyone must of known everyone. I’m just lucky enough to be the new girl. Yeah, awesome right?

I put my books in, and turned to put my back on the locker. People surrounded me. All I could see were tons of guys, and even a few girls, all in a group trying to get my attention. “What’s your name?” “Hey!” “Your hot!” Messages everywhere sounded. I see they like new kids.
“Um… hi?” I asked, trying to find some way to make conversation. Maybe I could shut them all up.
It didn’t work out, but one guy came near me. He pulled my arm, “Come with me,” I obeyed.
“So, what’s up with all of them?” I asked, as he pulled me over to an empty hallway.
“We haven’t had a new kid in a while,” He beamed at my flirtaciously.
I smiled back, shyly. I usually wasn’t shy at all. “Ah. Well, I’m Lauren.”
“I’m Nate Dale.”
“So, why’d you save me?”
“You looked tortured.”
“Haha, thanks.”
Nate looked me deep into my eyes. I looked down, trying to break the awkwardness of direct eye-contact.
“Well, um… I should find my first class.”
“What classroom is it in?”
“Um…” I digged into my pocket, looking at the folded peice of paper. “Room 201,”
“Oh, cool, that’s mine too.”
“Won’t they attack me?” I joked, smirking.
“Nah, I got your back.” He smiled at me, as we walked upstairs.
We kept conversation, until I bumped into this one girl. She was gorgeous, but she looked angry, as if she was about to kill.
“Hey, watch where your going.” She bellowed, bitterly.
“Who’s she?” I whispered, as she walked away.
“That’s Katrina. She’s my… girlfriend.”
“Ah,” I knew a guy like him would be taken. Oh well, I barely knew him, “Anyway, what’s her deal? She looked as if she could kill me.”
“She can.” I laughed, but he was dead silent.
We continued to go up stairs, as I finally got there. I hung up there, as I heard confused mumbles from downstairs.


The Adventures Of Hawthorne High.

October 24, 2008

The one place where everything isn’t normal. Everyone there had one thing no one could know–they were all immortal. Long ago, immortality was a strange thing. No one there was immortal, until some one from Italy come along. They were puzzled. He was strange, and out of no where, women disappeared at night. Women kissed their husband, and they started wandering off around his land also. You got it right. He was a vampire. From that point on, vampires were the ones that were on the land. Anyone who crossed it were feasted upon. Prophices said that one girl would change that, and the man who kisses her will end this eternal curse that fell upon each of them, as long as she loved them or thought she loved him. After that, she would sacrafice her life. Her sould would be sucked out, while she gives her life to each one of them. But that was hundreds of years ago. Everyone gave up. Until one day, she came. Her name was Lauren. The halls were filled with the one precious smell; mortal blood. Guys treated her like a goddess, while girls treated her with dignity [or at least most of them]. They all knew it. She had to be the one. All of the guys try to get her affection, even the ones who are already in love. She just has to think your in love, right? Correct. But Lauren is hard to catch, and only one guy can do so… but his girlfriend isn’t a big fan of Lauren, at all.

Lauren Block. [Portrayed by Demi Lovato, above]: Lauren is the protoganist, for the most part. Many parts of the story will be in her point of view. Anyway, she is stubborn, independent, easily-tempered, intelligent, poor compared to the other students, out-going, always [and I mean ALWAYS] speaks her mind.

Nate Dale. [Portrayed by Nick Jonas]: Nate is the heart-throb; the romantic type. He’s eternal partner is Katrina, the gorgeous but closed minded, girl. He sees that Lauren has a crush on him, which is obvious. Nate is not sure if he should keep Kat or leave her. Nate was discovered with his two brothers. One died during being changed, but the other survived along with him. Anthony, their protector, took them in while their parents abused them.

Katrina Dalton. [Portrayed by Selena Gomez]: Kat, who’s life partner is Nate, is one of those girls you want to be. She is prissy and high-matiniced, but can be nice to anyone who doesn’t challenge her. She currently hates Lauren, who is stealing her man. [xD] Though she always complains about wanting to be human, she doesn’t want Lauren to ruin her relationship with Nate.

Anna Mayes (Dale) [Portrayed by Taylor Swift]: Anna is one of those people who just doesn’t care about being human. As long as her partner, Adam, is there, she’s fine. Anna can see that her ‘sister’, Kat, really despises the fact that everyones flirting with Lauren, she doesn’t mind. Adam has flirted, but she understands it’s not because he doesn’t love her… does it?

Adam Dale [Portrayed by Joe Jonas]: Adam is honestly still in love with Anna. Nothing can change that, not even the mortal born. But unlike Anna, he always wanted a son that could toss the football to him, give him that prideful smirk after winning the trophy, or have a daughter and spoil her to death. Adam wants to be human so badly. It’s probably the only thing she and Kat have in common. Anyway, he wants to make sure Lauren falls in love with him, though the only one he loves is Anna.
There will be more characters, though these are the ones who will have the point of views. I will tell you when I add characters and post their looks. So, until then, here are your characters!


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October 23, 2008

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